What I post on Social Media is My View.


My View
from the mountain top,
from the valley;
of my running shoes
and steering wheel
and potholes on the road of …
Life from the train and tram and running track;
These words and images are brought to you courtesy of
clouded, shaded, rose-coloured, trail-dusty glasses.
My View.

(I see Box Hill station
– a transit point on the way to work / to a meeting / to a friends place … ;
others see Chinese community / Immigration problem / Race and threat / and …

These words and images are
My View
of protests and government,
refugees and climate change and racism,
the environment and food,
the Way and the One,
wrong and …
right now this is My View.

But my view can also be felt in Someone Else’s View – #retweet.
Is that #repost actually mine? My View? my opinion?
Someone else’s words, this ‘Not-my-view’ repost;
it’s part of a discussion
in which My View changes
(and you are invited to help me see Your View).
And then
what I posted is No Longer
My View.
(Disclaimer: Information was correct at the time of posting)

So please don’t attribute these words to my
Running club(s)
Family name
Residency status
Post code
Or the car I drive.

This is my view.



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