a thin silence

in this Silence
you might hear a pin drop,
or you might hear God
You might hear your breathing
or you may hear the Spirit
You may hear your neighbour
or you may hear Christ.
You may hear a magpie
and you may hear the Creator
You who are Beloved of Christ,
these are the sounds of God
inviting us into a deeper encounter
with God in a thin silence.
Will I pause … to notice them?
Might I stop.     To hear them?
Could I be still,
to listen to them?
And might I invite them into the deepest parts of my soul,
just as they invite me into encounter with the Divine?
This is the invitation:
to participate in silence, stillness, listening,
that we too might hear the sound
of God in a thin silence.
(with a tip of the hat to a bloke called Elijah in 1 Kings 19.12 in the Bible)

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