Seeking Stillness

Sometimes I seek stillness.
Sometimes it finds me.

And sometimes in the busy-ness of each day
S/stillness is the furthest from
my heart.


So sometimes I need to take my soul
and put it firmly in its place (!) A
or a patch of grass
(in the shade of that tree),
… and lose the ‘less’ in my Restless.
(Seeking less ‘-less’ and more R/rest)

In those moments
the door/window/tent-flap of my soul
needs to be opened again. Wide open.

In that moment my heart might just open to
learning or growth.
to the gaze of Love
and Grace
and delicious Peace.

And gaze of One
who loves me more than
I can ever imagine.

And I find my self with less -less and more R/rest

Seeking Stillness
(Stillness, Rest, Vulnerable, Loved)


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