Race Preparation tips #17: 4 days to go

Excitement / panic / bewilderment is building – it’s suddenly dawned on you what you have committed to … your first, or next, running event. 4 days / 5 sleeps to go. You’ve done your training … so what’s important now? Here’s my list … more or less in this order.

  • Every night – get to bed early / on time (set an alarm on your phone or watch)
  • Tuesday / Wednesday – trim your toenails.
  • Wednesday / Thursday – check the course and talk to friends and family about where they might stand to cheer you on – and where they expect to meet you afterwards (the ‘G’ is a big place!).  You may also want to check out post-race celebration spots or events!
  • Check train times or book parking (Hint: Hisense Arena do $7.50 prebooked parking).
  • Thursday / Friday – lay out your gear … pre-race, race, post-race. Remember gels, lubrication, bandaids, extra loo paper, cap, watch – and you’ll need a throw-away sweater or garbage bag for a start-line warmth and to keep out the rain. Note: Any clothing discarded at the start line will be collected for charity … so a visit to an op-shop can be a double charity gift!  If you are missing anything, put it on your shopping list!
  • Thursday / Friday – one final slow, short run before race day. Note: Both SLOW and SHORT are essential!
  • Thursday to Saturday – visit the expo and pick up your race goodies and number. Talk to the pacing team, chat to the Spartans, get lots of tips and buy some cool gear. JUST DON’T be fooled into buying something for race day that you have not tried out. Those new socks or shorts – save them for your first run after the big day!
  • Friday-Saturday. Drink water, eat healthy, get rest. Spending Saturday wandering the city would NOT be good for your race day.
  • Sunday … that’s another post!

Race prep tip #17: The last 4 exciting days!!



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