Race Preparation Tip #8: What’s for dinner?

A couple of years ago I realised that my long run (the main run of my week), starts the day before … hydrate well, roll out the legs, eat properly, get to bed on time! This is also good practice (training) for race day.

DRINK: Drinking well hydrates the body in preparation for a long race-specific effort. I use tap water and plain, unsweetened coconut water.

ROLL: I have a love-hate relationship with my foam roller. But on a Friday night, it’s an easy 10-20 minute roll out, especially in the places that have been hurting all week (normally outside calves and down the front sides of the quads)

EAT: I eat all sorts of stuff during the week, but on the menu at the Hanscamp’s on Friday night is a slab of salmon, sweet potato, and veggies or salad. I’ve learned that this fuels me well for the following day. I can run 3-5 hours the next day without eating any other meals. Whole, real food is essential. If it comes off a tree, out of the ground or off an animal – it’s real food. If it comes out of a packet, jar or can … avoid it. Whether you fuel on fat or carbs, get as close to the source as you can (more on this in a coming tip).

SLEEP: With a 5am start on Saturdays, I don’t need to watch the last quarter of the footy. (The Cats will win anyway!) But I do need my sleep. My running gear is laid out, including watch, hat options (beanie or cap?), headlamp and gloves, car keys and wallet, and a towel and shirt for post-run. 7-8 hours sleep is still on the cards, leaving me fresh for the next day.

See you at 6am for our long run!

Running tip #8: Use the day before your long run to Hydrate, Self-massage, Fuel well and Rest.


1 thought on “Race Preparation Tip #8: What’s for dinner?

  1. Great tips Nigel. My preparations for an exercise class is nowhere near as elaborate.
    We’ve been enjoying some fresh salmon too recently but not for the above reasons. But with homemade kumara chips. Look forward to joining you sometime for one of these meals.

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