Race Preparation tips #8: detox your bottles

A couple of weeks ago we noticed my fave water bottle sneaking out the back door along with a couple of the others I had stacked  in a corner of the kitchen. They had grown legs! 

Well, that’s the fable that’s grown around it. The reality was they had become increasingly gungy and mould was actually noticed in the spout. 

I own these bottles because they fit my waist belt and backpack – so its not an option to just chuck them and fork out $10-$15 each to replace them. Most of the time they have water or lemon juice and salt – so nothing toxic goes into them (or me)

Uncle Google came up with a solution: denture tablets. Yup – that’s right. They work for Grandpas teeth – and they work brilliantly for water bottles! We popped down to Coles and grabbed a box of cheap homebrand ones. 

Warm water in a large Pyrex dish, pop in two tablets and let them fizz (even my 18 yr old loves watching this), drop in the offending bottles and soak them for an hour or more – turning occasionally. 

Then rinse thoroughly, brush them out … and hey presto! No more walking bottles – and your water tastes surprisingly clean. I’m going to do this every month- it’s in the calendar to do when I clean the coffee machine!

Running tip #8. Detox your water bottles with denture tablets. 


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