Race Preparation tips #3: Stuff them!

35 days to go (Yes, I’ll catch up on the two tips I missed!) and you needed to do your long run early this morning. And it was raining. And you went anyway. You are a legend!

So pat yourself on the back (or if you are too tired, just read the above paragraph aloud. REALLY loud. You’ll get weird looks from your partner, but who cares!)

But this post reminds you that you didn’t clean up your running shoes. Darn it!

So roll off the couch and rescue your wet running shoes (they are NOT sneakers!) from the back porch. By now you should be able to brush off the dirt with a small brush (we have a nail brush in the laundry just for this purpose).

Find your copy of the Herald Sun and start scrunching up the pages (NOT the ones your partner is currently reading!) Stuff your shoes with the newspaper. Tight. It should take 4-6 sheets for each shoe, depending on the size of your feet. Overnight this will soak up the bulk of the water. Tomorrow morning you should be able to pull out the sodden newspaper and leave the shoes in the fresh air to finish drying. This is the best use I’ve ever seen the Herald Sun put to – and the wet paper will even dry for recycling!

If the shoes are particularly muddy, soak them for half an hour in a bucket of cold water or the laundry sink before brushing/ scrubbing them off – and then doing the newspaper stuff.

NEVER ever put them in the washing machine or drier (this will kill both your machine and shoes very quickly). And don’t dry them in front of the fireplace or on the oil heater.

Tip #3. Dry your running shoes with newspaper: Stuff them!


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