Race Preparation tips #2: Write it down

I’m a forgetterer. I walk from one room to another and forget why I went there. Don’t ask me what I had for dinner last Saturday, or how I felt after last Friday’s training session (or what I did!). I need to write it down.
Your training will benefit when you are able to see improvements, AND where you are not doing so well. Do you know why you ran a parkrun PB (or PW)? Was it because you did less training last week, or a speed session on the Wednesday? Writing it down helps you begin to assess some of that.*
The easiest way to record your training is to print your training schedule, and write notes on it (I’ve also used a cheap ringbound ‘week to a page’ diary). “Felt great”, “Vomit”, “First interval rubbish, 3rd was amazing”. All these notes help you to adjust expectations, or training … and some are just plain motivational. “Didn’t want to get out of bed AT ALL. Warmup was crap. Somehow ran a 3km PB. Made it worth getting out of bed!!!!” You don’t need to write a lot … Weather, How it felt, Did I finish it, Time Splits (if you are doing intervals or a particular session), Magpie swoops! Other tips:
  • Circle your PB’s in red – they stand out!
  • Leave your training schedule on a table/desk as you head out the door and write notes as soon as you get back. (Don’t leave them until that evening)
  • Strava / Runkeeper /Mapmyrun is a good place to keep these notes, but its not your training schedule (!)
  • I keep my training schedule on the wardrobe door – it keeps me accountable to my significant others who put up with a lot because of running! (“Shouldn’t you be running this morning, sleepyhead?”)
Note: Training is just one factor; you may also want to record some meals, sleep, significant emotional events. http://www.myfitnesspal.com can help with that … but it can also be a big timewaster!
Tip #2: Write your training notes. (39 Days to MM16)

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