Race preparation tips: Intro

40 days out from the 2016 Melbourne Marathon festival – its starting to get real. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or a first timer; whether you are running the 5km or the Marathon; whether you are wanting to improve your time or step up to a longer event … these are for you.

These are tips from people who have been there several times. Having run several half marathons, marathons (this will be my 4th Melbourne Marathon) and even the madness of 50km on a trail, I’ve made some mistakes or learned from others. Some of my friends who have learned the hard way will also be sharing their thoughts!

So this isn’t a training plan. Nor is it specific professional medical advice. We are happy to answer questions or respond to comments, and will provide external links where appropriate. These tips are intended to make the day more enjoyable, to help you prepare, and maybe to assist you to finish with a PB (Personal Best) in distance or time – and a smile on your face.

Lets start with some assumptions:

  1. You have signed up for the event. If not – you’d better commit now. Grab your credit card and click here. When you Register and Pay, you make a very real commitment to finishing something important.
  2. You have started training … walking, jogging, running, puffing, sweating, grunting and maybe even a wee bit of cussing. (tips for the latter will not be included in this blog).
  3. You are training in ways that are appropriate to your event.  3-5 times a week you are out there walking, jogging, running, puffing, etc. A little every day makes more of a difference than a whole lot every 2 weeks! Remember you are training your brain, heart, lungs, muscles for something more than you can do at the moment – and training is about regular, small improvements in activity AND rest (more on that later).

If you have any questions, or running-related topics you would like answers to, feel free to drop a comment below or PM me on Facebook.


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