Race Preparation tips #1:Love your feet

40 days out – Tip #1: Start wearing in your race day shoes and socks!

Nothing New on Race Day: Its a marathoners mantra, and 40 days out is a good place to start thinking about it.  FEET: Love your feet and they will love you back!  Sometime in the next 10 days you should be starting to wear in your race-day shoes and socks.


If you haven’t got your shoes yet, then use the Active Feet voucher that came with your MM16 registration. Getting professionally fitted for shoes is a good investment of time and money – and is a good incentive to keep active after 16th October. Buying shoes by colour/sheen/brand often results in blisters, sore feet or legs or hips or back (yep – it’s all affected by your feet!!).  An old pair of shoes can be just as bad, as they will have lost their cushioning. If you’ve had them for over 2 years (or 800km), give your feet some new-shoe love.  You can add your fluro laces, strobe lights or fairy dust after you have the right fit.

Oh and invest in some good athletic socks. Moisture+movement+wrong socks = blisters (or #%?!@BLISTERS!!!). As the days heat up, sweat becomes more of an issue for feet, so grab a pair of socks that will cope well!

Tip #1: Love your feet – Start wearing in your race day shoes and socks!

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