2017 Calendar Challenge – Intro


  • Be observant to little things every day
  • Collect photos, screen shots, newspaper clippings, quotes, anything that grabs your attention.
  • Select one per day and add it to a scrapbook (paper or Evernote or …)
  • (Keep all the others for those days when you forget, or your creativity dries up!)
  • Start to tag them with common themes (flowers, quotes, boringpeopleonmobilephones, etc)
  • At the end of November, create a 12 month calendar from this scrapbook. Each page could be one image or a montage.
  • Enjoy the creative/learning/observing journey.

THEN: You could keep it for yourself, or use it as a personalised Christmas present for friends, relatives, people you are learning to love (who might also be relatives or friends).

IMG_8312 (1)


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