Pushing back!

I am Caesar.

It’s all about me.

I am, after all, LORD! I rule everything!

And my image is on every coin and every note in the land.

Money is everything – it makes the world go round.

So render to me what is mine!



… and they did.

I never got their hearts, though.

How can they resist me? How do they push back?

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 7.42.56 am

They looked into each others eyes and saw something divine.

They looked at their children and saw that the least of these was something supremely precious  – but something that money can’t buy.

They looked into the eyes of the poor, the vulnerable and the needy (those who have no Value in my eyes) as they heard the words, “If you care for these, you are caring for God.”

They looked at creation and saw the delight of a Creator – and would not spend my face on things that broke that Creation.

They looked at their calendars, and put lines through dates that they would not work for me, but spend time with Family or in making Meaningful Community or giving time to Caring for others.

They walked past the shopping malls (built on the Might of my Face!), and spent their weekends Creating, rather than buying; building Community, rather than building wealth.

I own their house, but I don’t feature in their Homes.

My face is on their coin, … but they measure their Worth and Value against something far greater.

In their eyes, my image is small; Small when compared to the this creating, humanity-making, healing, …



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