Why I run …

Ten days until the Roller Coaster Run! 27 February.
Starting at SkyHigh on Mt Dandenong, we ‘rollercoaster’ our way down and down and up and up and down and up and (really) up Mt Dandenong fire-trails and single track for 21.5km. That’s a smidge over 1km of down – and 1131.27m (approx) up. And we finish running into a clowns mouth, with a view over Melbourne!
Yes there will be tears and choice words and sweat and sore quads-and-calves-and-glutes, and maybe even some scraped knees and hands.
But there will also be triumph and a feeling of exhilaration and accomplishment (and a medal) – and friends.
There’s knowing that you did something that once seemed impossible.
There’s moving through the bush along fire trails, keeping pace with a hundred others, foot-fall in rhythm, breathing in harmony with nature.
The sound of the kookaburra or lorikeet, the sighting of wallaby or snake.
There’s mixing with runners who be slower, and runners who will be (much) faster; Elite and very novice runners all cheering each other on with high-fives, pats on the back, and spirit-lifting words and looks.
There’s rubbing shoulders with humans who have survived (or are still surviving) cancer, abuse by spouse or parents, broken relationships, brutal bosses, the death of children/spouses/parents … and who ran so that they could survive and thrive, or because they survived and proved to themselves and others that they were stronger. As we have done a hundred times already, we will share more of those stories as we race.
And with all of that there will be times of no words, … as we keep pace with each other in synchronised stride, as if we were a single unit.
And at the end there will be laughter, tears and hugs and more stories and stronger friendships.
That’s why I run.

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