ash wednesday 2016: living honestly

Days like this
You look up at the sky above you
Days like this
You think about the ones that love you

All I wanna do is live my life honestly;
I just wanna wake up and see your face next to me
Every regret I have I will go set it free
It will be good for me.

“Days like this” Over the Rhine.


All I wanna do is live my life honestly.

We sat around ashes and a candle, listening to the sultry tones of Karin Bergquist, holding the hardest of questions in our hands; questions of unforgiveness, of brokenness; questions that bring tears at 3am and stunned silence at 6pm; questions that we dare not ask aloud – though we ask them regularly.

Every regret I have I will go set it free

Ash Wednesday 2016 was an open invitation to crack open those questions in the context of a pilgrimage. “When we wake on Easter Morning, this part of the journey will be finished. This invitation is to bring these questions with us, and to engage them honestly; to seek forgiveness, reconciliation, hope; to understand ourselves and others; and to listen to the voice of One who is never far away from places and people in suffering and struggle.”

Everyone is welcome. Anytime.

All my favorite people are broken
Believe me
My heart should know

Orphaned believers, skeptical dreamers
Step forward
You can stay right here
You don’t have to go

“All my favorite people” Over the Rhine.


1 thought on “ash wednesday 2016: living honestly

  1. It was a new experience for us. Very meaningful and a wonderful way to start Lent. Thank you for posting this to remind us further about the people in our lives. And our own walk with God – such a good time to think more deeply about that and spend more time in God’s Word preparing for Easter. One way in which I’m doing this is reading Tom Wright’s book “The Crown and the Fire” in one hand and my Bible in the other. Great reading.

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