Unwrapping Christmas

What if Christmas were a gift to us?  I wonder what changes if Christmas might be a gift that invites me to see myself, God and our world in a different perspective.
Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 7.42.56 am.png
I wonder what changes if i am worthy; What if, like the drovers of that first story, we/you/i had something REALLY worthwhile to contribute to the ongoing story of our world, instead of apologising my way through life (saying sorry for our words or actions or presence), or always having to be better than someone else – or someone else expectations?


I wonder what changes if the best person to bring this Child into the world was a poor teenager whose only qualification was that she might say “Let’s give this a go”?  I wonder if that changes my perspective of everyone else around me.


I wonder what changes if God is not “Up there in the sky” with a big stick waiting to bash us … or tell us off … or fine us when we think or do things that hurt ourselves or others – but present among us as love? Really. Present. Love.


I wonder what changes if our world was so precious and beautiful that it was worth an announcement that whatever glory was in heaven has now been born as a baby. On this Planet. I wonder whether we might take our participation in the world more seriously than our use of it.


I wonder what changes …

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